Be in Alignment with your Values

Inspire the Authentic You into Unwavering Action

You survived... are you ready to THRIVE!

I offer compassionate support so you can get clarity on what you want from your life, discover the beliefs that hold you back, and begin to make your true vision of your life a reality.

You have the answers to each of your questions inside, and the gift I bring is seeing the deeper you, and listening with my heart so I can ask the questions that will reveal those answers.

Coaching with me will reveal much about your way of being in the world, and you’ll gain powerful insights about yourself. We’ll examine the beliefs that are not serving you, and find new beliefs that align with your values and that will affirm and be in service to transforming your life, and claiming your joy and happiness.

  • Discover that your wisdom is your most powerful asset, and together we can reveal that intelligence, enriching your life
  • As your awareness of your patterns of being in the world are revealed, you’ll have more choices of how you respond to challenges
  • We’ll explore how deeper self-love, and a little extra self-compassion can transform your life and your work in the world

If what I share here speaks to you, learn more about me, read some kind words my clients have shared about coaching with me, and learn a little about the benefits of working with me.

If you’d like to know about the coaching packages I offer or chat about the possibly of working with me in 2017, you can get more information and schedule a call with me here.

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The day I stopped hating myself & learned self-love

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Getting clarity about where to begin

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Is it possible to manage change?

Is it possible to manage change?

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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

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As I progressed through the 12 sessions, I was able to release things that were unwanted, making space for what I did want in my life. Nikki listens carefully, asks profound questions, and notices the moments when it’s time to shift focus or go deeper, whether triggered by a gesture, a tone, or an expression.She facilitates without projection, cleverly luring vision and right action from deep within. Each week I felt lighter, more energized, and more empowered.


San Lorenzo, CA

I have hired several coaches, but Nikki was by far the most outstanding. She helped me explore the blocks I had, to making changes in my career, my finances, and my personal life, and then she helped to unravel the blocks so that I was able to make really big changes in my life. She is able to intuit where I have blocks and reveal what is standing in my way, so that I can look at it clearly and tackle it, rather than being tackled by it. I heartily recommend that you work with Nikki.

Deanna Zachary

Aptos, CA

Nikki’s skills are profoundly simple and true. I could not have accomplished my goals without her help.


Carmel Valley, CA

Thank you for one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever enjoyed in my entire life – freedom from debt.


San Francisco, CA

If you can’t believe in miracles, then believe in yourself. When you want something bad enough, let that drive push you to make it happen. – Isabel Lopez