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A complimentary 30-minute call.

Together we’ll create a simple and personalized self-care mini-plan, and discuss possibilities for working together.

We’ll look at where you want to be and how to get there, and you’ll leave with a plan to begin that journey. I want you to leave our call feeling energized, more confident and ready to get started.

Our conversation will uncover just how much you’ve already achieved and help you get energized and excited about the possibilities for the future of your business.

My gift to you

The Power Hour+

A breakthrough session! 75 minutes of 1:1 coaching. Get laser clarity about your goals and ensure that your actions are in alignment with your values. Together we’ll explore what holds you back, and create a plan to get you unstuck and get you on track to achieving! You’ll leave your hour feeling clearer, more focused,and excited to move forward with purpose and determination.


Success System

Working 1:1 for 12 sessions, you’ll take inspired action moving in the direction of your dreams & goals, and be well on the road to accomplishing them. Get my support & make that dream for your life a reality, or complete that project you haven’t managed to begin alone. We’ll work to not only change your belief systems but to take steps to transform your life.


(or 1 payment of $1975 save $275)

Group Coaching

8 weeks with 6-8 like-valued individuals. Like a dedicated personal board of directors in your life, supporting each other to create and implement targets, dreams, and goals, in a synergy of energy, and commitment, shaped by what each of us brings to the group. You’ll develop your network of successful people supporting you in your evolution.


Book your Discovery session

The day I stopped hating myself & learned self-love

The day I stopped hating myself & learned self-love

My journey to self-love The journey to self-love has been a long one for me... From running away from home, and then almost every relationship I've ever developed, to moving away from each of the 8 or 9 cities I've lived in. Always running 'from' and yet finding...

Getting clarity about where to begin

Getting clarity about where to begin

More Productivity This is the third post in my blog series about productivity. You can see the first here, and the second here. This tip, about getting clear about where to begin, is one to get you organized, so that you know exactly what it is you need to do to...

Is it possible to manage change?

Is it possible to manage change?

Managing Change I'm in a big phase of change in my life, and each day I notice that how to swing from welcoming it with open arms, to resisting change with everything I can muster! And just occasionally, I'm able to simply surrender to change, and trust that whatever...

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Relieving Stress Friday has arrived once more, and maybe you find yourself feeling the pressure and stress of whatever still sits on your list from this week. Here are my tips for some relieving stress quickly, and quite simply. Today, I have a Friday reframe just for...