About Nikki

My Coaching Philosophy

I coach because I love it! I get excited when my clients have insights about their lives. I’m thrilled when they reach their goals, and when they suddenly understand why they haven’t been able to achieve a goal alone.

When coaching, I’m being my best self, and after a session, I feel both gratitude and satisfaction, a certainty that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I approach my client meetings with love, compassion, and respectful curiosity about the authentic you. My style includes questions, reflections, mirroring, and affirming your strengths and achievements.

A little about my life

Born in Australia, I was the kid who always asked why. I wanted to understand why people made certain choices and not others.

Launching myself into the world of work at the age of 15, I was excited to broaden my own experience, and expand my choices. I participated in the corporate world for many years, first in retail, and quickly discovered I was adept at programming, systems and database design. As always, I became fully engaged in that world, and initially found some sense of satisfaction and some hint of belonging.

After many years immersed in that realm, I began to notice that some part of me felt numb, and each day ended like the last, with a sense of unease and disquiet. I was getting no satisfaction from my consulting and in time I realized that I could no longer delay living my passions.

Thus began my search for joy and satisfaction. In 2001 I completed Life Coach training with Results Coaching Systems, and began my own practice in Sydney, Australia.  After working with clients, witnessing their transformations and seeing them fulfill lifelong dreams, I realized that although I was the coach, I was also a spectator rather than a participant in this exciting new life. In 2003 I left Australia to travel the world and soon decided to live and study at Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, California where I stayed for more than 2 years, learning that I too could fully experience joy, and find the courage to be my authentic self.

For the longest time I believed that each of us has just one passion, and I searched for mine for many years. I now know that I have many, many different fascinations.  Coaching is my first love, followed by psychology, photography, conservation of the oceans and sustainability.  You’ll find pieces here from each of those loves, as I continue my journey from my home on the Central Coast of California.

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Nikki Fryn - Your Coach