Kind Words

I have hired several coaches, but Nikki was by far the most outstanding. She helped me explore the blocks I had to making changes in my career, my finances, and my personal life, and then she helped to unravel the blocks so that I was able to make really big changes in my life.

For example, I wanted to build a cabin that I could rent for more steady income, but my fears stopped me. After working with Nikki, I was able to move through the resistance, and the cabin was built this week. One of the things I appreciate most is her subtlety and deep insight. She is able to intuit where I have blocks, and reveal what is standing in my way, so that I can look at it clearly and tackle it, rather than being tackled by it. I heartily recommend that you work with Nikki.

Deanna Zachary, Aptos, CA

After decades of keeping notes for a book I wanted to write, I still had the words scattered in folders and files, some electronic and some hand written on paper stacked in a foot-high pile. During the 40 years of planning this book, technology had changed, I had changed, media was a new kind of beast and I was no longer sure what I wanted to do.

Unable to give up the dream or to manifest the result, I was stuck.  I didn’t know what to do or how to begin. That’s when I met Nikki as a friend, through a friend.  I soon learned this wonderful, vibrant woman was a Life Coach, a profession I had hitherto believed to serve the relief of boredom for the wealthy.  For me, money was tight; frustration was high and here before me was a noticeable wisdom in a person I trusted. I decided to give it a try for 6 months – 12 sessions.

Nikki’s skills are profoundly simple and true.  I could not have accomplished my goals without her help.  In fact, I would not have been able to recognize my deeply personal goals without her help.  It seems odd that the intervention of another would be such a catalyst for my own inspiration and certainty.  Yet, this life coach championed my efforts to discover my own clarity in knowing what I needed to do and how to do it.

I signed up for another set of sessions. Nikki’s professionalism taught me to accomplish objectives, one step at a time.  The result was momentum I was able to take over as my own and proceed through the next couple of years of writing my book, a work that is now being sent to publishers for that coveted acceptance.   It’s a win. This was money well spent, a relationship deeply engraved and a path I would choose to take again.

In gratitude…

Catherine, Carmel Valley, CA

Now it’s my turn to thank you, Nikki. Thanks to working with you, I am now and have been completely 100% debt-free since February 2010. That was a life goal I thought I would never, ever achieve. I truly believed I would die in debt. Our work together turned around that thinking and I did it. I actually paid off everything. I have zero debt to my name for the first time in my adult life. Words cannot describe my sense of self satisfaction, pride in accomplishment, and relief and celebration. [My partner] and I spent the remainder of 2010 celebrating. For 8 months, we dined as we pleased, we traveled to Montana, Chicago, Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Florida, and within California.We sailed, hiked, camped, and purchased what we wanted provided that we did not go into debt.

Now I’m spending my money on me, the way I want, how and when I want, and earning my own interest. Thank you for one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever enjoyed in my entire life – freedom from debt. I want to thank you for our coaching sessions work on making myself ready for a healthy, happy, long term intimate relationship. [My partner] and I have been happily married since October 2008 and we’ve been celebrating our life together since we met in October 2007.

Finally, we worked together on deepening my spiritual connection. I drifted away from this over the past year or two and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to reconnect with Spirit and make that a daily habit again. It was fun to do my own thing for a while, but I really love being more connected spiritually to the world around me. […] it makes everything deeper, richer, and happier.

Terri, San Francisco, CA

When I started coaching with Nikki, I wanted to clear the disarray from my life and refocus, regroup, and have a fresh start.  As I progressed through the 12 sessions, I was able to release things that were unwanted, making space for what I did want in my life.

Nikki listens carefully, asks profound questions, and notices the moments when it’s time to shift focus or go deeper, whether triggered by a gesture, a tone, or an expression. She facilitates without projection, cleverly luring vision and right action from deep within. Each week I felt lighter, more energized, and more empowered.

When the sessions were complete, I looked over 12 weeks of goals and action items and could not believe how far I had come in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Nikki as a life coach to anyone who is seriously willing to change their life and take the steps needed to accomplish goals and dreams now, not later.  Fasten your seat belt!!!

Laura, East Bay, CA

Nikki is an excellent life-coach. She helped me reach my goals and even move beyond what I had thought possible!

Nikki’s top qualities in my opinion: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Melina, Pacific Grove, CA